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Jubilee Primary School Enrolment Policy:

Jubilee Primary School was established as a result of a joint partnership between the local Northern Gold Coast faith communities of the Catholic, Anglican, Apostolic and Uniting Churches. The vision of this joint partnership was the creation of an Ecumenical school for our region which celebrates what we share in common through the image and person of Jesus Christ. As a result, the primary purpose of our school is to nurture and educate the whole child in a manner reflective of the four faith communities from which we come. In recognition of the important relationship our school enjoys with our four faith communities, and in keeping with relevant Brisbane Catholic Education policy and practices, the following guidelines are adopted in prioritising enrolment applications, so long as mutual respect and shared values are clearly evident:

            1:Siblings of existing students at Jubilee. 

            2:Children who are baptised or dedicated as Catholic, Anglican, Uniting or Apostolic 

            and whose family are active members of their church. 

            3:Children who are baptised or dedicated as Catholic, Anglican, 

            Uniting or Apostolic and whose family are not active members of their church. 

           4: Children who are not baptised or dedicated, but whose family is looking for

            a religious education for their child.​


Within each enrolment criteria, date of completed application will be taken into consideration when offering placement.

In addressing the individual needs of all children, it is vital that any given school best meets the needs of any given student. All children and families are interviewed prior to enrolment for two main purposes. Firstly, this is to ensure that we as a school have a full picture of each child so that we may be as prepared as possible for the child to commence and to make school based decision to best suit the child's needs. Secondly, it is important that the values and traditions from which we draw are aligned with the values of the families we wish to serve. When the values or conduct of the child or family are not well aligned with the school's values, it is difficult to achieve the best possible educational outcomes for the child and where this is the case, enrolment is unlikely to be offered.


Printable copy of Enrolment Policy:

 Jubilee Primary School Enrolment Policy


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