Look Out Program/Kiss N Go Zone

Jubilee Primary School Kiss'n'Go procedure:

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Jubilee Primary School is doing everything reasonable to ensure your children remain safe and do not get injured when being dropped off or picked up. To further enhance the safety of your children, Jubilee Primary School has adopted the Look Out program to make it easier and safer for children to get to and from school.

Congestion is always a major aspect of any school environment. By using the Look Out program, congestion will be reduced and children will be able to wait in a safe place. Look Out can only work with the co-operation of everyone who uses the Kiss n Go Zone and a commitment to the program by our school and individuals alike. 

The Look Out! Steps

Queue and display your family name tag on the dash
Wait while your children are called
Stay in your car until your children arrive
Ensure seat belts are secure then leave safely

Things to remember

It is a 2 minute loading zone
If your children are not able to be loaded within two minutes, drive out of the zone
Find a parking space elsewhere OR drive off and re-join the back of the queue
Be considerate and do not overstay your time in the loading zone
Queue in one line in the Kiss n Go Zone (THERE IS NO LONGER TO BE A LINE OF SECOND VEHICLES)

I look forward to your anticipated assistance with this program.


Yours sincerely,
Matt Edwards

Look Out Brochure 

Look Out Dashboard Sign​​