The Name Jubilee

The Jubilee Primary School Steering Committee and the local churches in naming the school ‘Jubilee’ in 2000 saw that the following values were of significance.

  • It is a choice that clearly reflects the biblical theme of God’s redemptive work in the world and our part in it as human beings. A theme that expressed the foundation of our unity as we sought to establish an ecumenical school.
  • The themes of ‘Jubilee’ run throughout the Scriptures from the joy of God in the creation, through the law and the prophets, to the fulfillment of the mission of Christ, the work of the Church and the expectation of the reign of God. The themes of Jubilee in terms of forgiveness, justice, Sabbath, liberty and celebration and, in particular, journey together, were seen as being particularly relevant on the eve of the new millennium.
  • ‘Jubilee’ signifies the continuing restoration of wholeness among the Christian churches.
  • The school is being founded to commence in the new millennium and commemorates immediately the 2000th anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour, the founder of all that we share as Christians.
  • It affirms, on the local level, the global call for redemption from bondage, expressed by the world wide ‘Jubilee 2000’ Christian movement urging, with much success, forgiveness of poor nations' debts.
  • It expresses, in our own area, the aspirations of Queensland Churches Together in celebrating Jubilee 2000.