Annual School Reporting

The Queensland Government has mandated that all schools must publish a minimum set of information relating to school operation's and outcomes on the school's website for parents and community to access.

Annual School Reporting PRI 2014pdf.pdfAnnual School Reporting PRI 2014pdf.pdf

Jubilee Primary School_2015_Annual_Report.pdfJubilee Primary School_2015_Annual_Report.pdf


  • Written Students Report cards are sent home twice yearly
  • Interviews every semester to be offered to parents/ caregivers
  • Parent Teacher Online Interviews offered once a year
  • Student results recorded using five point framework (Years 2 – 6)
  • Checklist of student results for Year One

Further information is available on request to allow you to compare your child's achievement in the learning areas studied, with that of other children in the same year cohort within the school. This information will show the percentage of students at each of the achievement standards.​