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Uniform Code

1. The wearing of the correct school uniform at Jubilee Primary School is compulsory travelling between home and school and on other occasions as required.

2. Students are expected to be presented neatly at all times and in the appropriate school uniform and that it is worn appropriately at all times with pride.

3. Hair must be kept neat and tidy at all times. Hair at or below shoulder length must be tied back with either white or navy blue ribbons or scrunchies. Hair should be its natural colour and styles must be appropriate for primary school. Short hair styles should be no closer than a number two cut/shave. Hair should also be kept off the face. No extreme haircuts/styles.

4. It is essential that all items of clothing be clearly marked with your child's name.

5. School shoes are to be kept clean and polished. Basketball boots, high tops or ankle boots are not to be worn unless they are for use in sporting activities.

6. In keeping with the ideals of a sun safe school, Jubilee Primary School has a NO HAT - NO PLAY policy. Hats should be worn correctly and whenever students are involved in lunch, play, or other school related activities.

7. All make-up including nail polish is not permitted.

8. Religious necklace/medals, alert tags, wristwatches and earrings may be worn at Jubilee Primary School. All other forms of jewellery are not permitted. If wearing earrings, then sleepers no larger than 1 cm diameter or plain studs, one in the lobe of each ear is acceptable.

9. No body art or piercing is acceptable.

Jubilee Boy’s Uniform

  • Teal Jubilee shirt to be worn tucked in
  • Jubilee  sports polo
  • Navy Jubilee dress shorts
  • Navy Jubilee sports shorts
  • Jubilee ankle socks
  • Black lace-up leather school shoes
  • White lace-up joggers (mostly white sole and upper) for sport
  • Navy Jubilee hat
  • Navy Jubilee trouser (winter option) formal
  • Jubilee tracksuit jacket (winter option)
  • Jubilee trackpant (sport winter option)

Jubilee Girl’s Uniform

  • Teal Jubilee dress. Dress length no more than 5 cm from the floor when kneeling.
  •  Jubilee sports polo
  •  Jubilee sports shorts
  • Black lace-up leather school shoes
  • Jubilee ankle socks
  • White lace-up joggers (mostly white sole and upper) for sport
  • Navy Jubilee hat
  • Ribbons: White or Navy scrunchies, ribbons, elastics or clips
  • Navy tights (winter option) formal
  • Jubilee tracksuit jacket (winter option)
  • Jubilee trackpant (winter sport option)

Prep Uniform

  • Jubilee Prep polo
  • Navy Jubilee microfiber shorts
  • Jubilee ankle socks
  • Jubilee hat navy or maroon
  • Jubilee jacket (winter option)
  • Jubilee trackpant (winter option)
  • White joggers- lace-up or Velcro
Information about what formation about what WILL be happening in 2016:
  •  Currently, 2015, we have a Prep Polo and Prep Shorts that are exclusive to Prep
  • No further new stock of these ‘Prep Exclusive’ polo's and shorts will be purchased by the school moving forward.
  • We want to move to our Preps wearing the Jubilee Sports Uniform for five days a week
  • For the rest of 2015 and ALL of 2016, we will be in a ‘transition year’ from the current ‘Prep Exclusive Uniform' to the ‘Jubilee Sports Uniform'.
  • During the transition period of the rest of 2015 and 2016, Prep Students will be able to wear either uniform.
  • 2017 will see a full transition to the Jubilee Sports Uniform and render the Prep Uniform redundant.
  • The Formal School Uniform will not be worn by Preps at any stage. This uniform is introduced in Yr 1.
  • Maroon and Blue Jubilee hats are also fine. In saying this, we will not be purchasing any more Maroon Hats, hence a similar phasing out of the Maroon Hats will begin now also.


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