​Information and Communication Learning Technologies (ICLT) is one of that things we value at Jubilee and have many resources to support it. At Jubilee we are lucky enough to have Interactive White Boards (IWB) in every classroom. We have finished installing our managed wireless system throughout our entire school as well as our Multi Purpose Hall, giving all students and teachers mobile access wherever they go. We have a Mobile Block of Laptops for the classes. In 2011 each teacher was given a laptop in our Teacher’s One to One Program.  Each classroom has computers in them as well as an extra laptop in each class for use by the children in their reading rotations. Each class its own digital camera for both students and teachers to use, as well a Flip Recorders and a bank of Digital Cameras for project work. In 2012 Jubilee commenced our 1 on 1 (Apple Mac) laptop Program in Year 5, this has been increased to include Years 4 & 6. Year 3 also has a bank of MacBook Airs.